Track Rules

Please read before signing on.

All riders must sign on before riding and be issued with a wrist band.

Bikes must be off-road types in a safe working order.

Machines must have noise levels at 96dbs or less.

Proper safety clothing must be worn at all times (MX helmet, gloves, MX boots & MX kit). Body protection is recommended. Please use roll-off goggle systems and not tear offs.

All track signs must be strictly obeyed.

All flags must be strictly obeyed.

Watch out for fallen riders, track marshals and first aid responders on the track.

NO riding in the pits/paddock or any grassed area or viewing areas. All prohibited areas will be enforced. ANY RIDER DISREGARDING THIS RULE WILL BE PROHIBITED FROM FURTHER PARTICIPATION AT THE EVENT.

All pets must be kept on a lead and clean up mess responsibly.

The organisers reserve the right to prevent a rider from riding if it is deemed appropriate or necessary. We also reserve the right to refuse entry where it is deemed necessary.

Strictly no riding under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Strictly No Bikes to be cleaned on the stone roads. A hardstanding area with water outlets is available at no extra charge.  Plug your jet wash on and clean bikes on the hardstanding area only please.

We ask that all riders treat each other with respect and courtesy on and off the track.

Thank you